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  • Important Cybersecurity Terminology for DevOps Teams

    Without thinking twice, mixing devops and cybersecurity is really tough to do. The goal of devops is going as fast as you can, while in security, we are taught to proceed with caution. However, both of these fields serve a… Read More ›

  • Computer Program Fixes Old Code Faster than Expert Engineers

    Last year, MIT computer scientists and Adobe engineers came together to try to solve a major problem that many companies face: bit-rot. A good example is Adobe’s successful Photoshop photo editor, which just celebrated its 25th birthday. Over the years… Read More ›

  • How Containers are Changing Everything

    Modern application development owes much to the growth of the development operations (devops) movement and the automation tools it has delivered. Instead of just writing code, developers now need to think in terms the tools they’re using — and how they… Read More ›

  • Bug-free Code? That’s a lie!

    Behavioral psychiatrists say that virtually all people lie. Most are little white lies to protect the feelings of others. Some lies are acts of commission — a deliberate statement of untruth — whereas others are lies of omission. In the… Read More ›

  • Facebook Should Care More About Privacy

    Following the revelations that have shown major flaws in Facebook’s privacy settings with regard to linking your mobile number, security experts are now calling for the company to get serious about protecting users. The issue relates to Facebook and one… Read More ›

  • The Security Risks of Third-Party Data

    Most of us get to be thoroughly relieved that our e-mails weren’t in the Ashley Madison database. But don’t get too comfortable. Whatever secrets you have, even the ones you don’t think of as secret, are more likely than you… Read More ›

  • The Internet Officially Sucks

    We are entering yet another new era for the Internet —  a very sad pessimistic one. You don’t have to take my word for it at all, but you should at least think about it and consider what I am… Read More ›