Join the Team

We are always looking for new talent and members to join our growing team of writers and staff. If you think you have an abstract opinion that makes people think and consider it as an idea worth thought, then we would love to have you on our team!

There are several ways for you to contact us and send in your application to join our team of writers. You can do this by sending us a private message to our Facebook, Twitter, or just send us an email at TheLastTechie[AT]gmail[DOT]com.

General Requirements

  • Able to write one article within a weeks time and it be published of what is happening currently or an editorial of your opinion on an issue that annoys you.
  • Good English and speaking skills and able to communicate and write compelling editorials, articles, and guides in the topics which we offer from security, programming, and more.
  • Have a solid understanding of technology and the topic of which is chosen to write about, along with factual knowledge and information to back up claims and ideas.

Big Pluses

  • Previous experience of blogging and spreading your opinion about a subject
  • Member of our past community and a willingness to help grow SudoSecurity.
  • Create new topics of interest and discussion.

What to include

  • How to contact you? (Skype, Email, etc)
  • What makes you good for the job?
  • Why should we choose you?
  • Your choice in subject (security, networking, programming, policy, science)
  • Any additional information
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