Meet the Team

Give a warm welcome and a big cup of coffee to the best writers TheLastTechie has to offer! We’re all huge fans of the group of people who contribute to the group. Let’s skip the rest of the introduction to the page, and let’s get to the people who make this site as awesome as it is for everyone!


meTraven is the Lead Author and Editor of TheLastTechie. He loves to talk about programming and security topics. His mindset follows security-first programming. He strives to spread knowledge, updates, and his weirdness to everyone who is willing to listen. You can follow him on Twitter or Instagram.





Adam is an aspired systems administrator, studying for a Business degree and also a Computer Science degree. He loves his family, especially his nephew. He’s not really happy without social interaction, however he spends ~30 hours a week on his computer… He believes “Linux is life.”




logoJames, or jrstan (pronounced j.r.stan) is a video game fanatic who loves to talk about video games and now loves to write about them. He joined the team to give to the gaming aspect of this blog to keep the more gaming oriented folks updated on what’s going on. While he mainly focuses on games from Valve, and even more exclusive to Counter-Strike, you may find something written by him about a game that you enjoy. He live streams occasionally on his Twitch page as well as occasionally posting stuff on Twitter.

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