Without thinking twice, mixing devops and cybersecurity is really tough to do. The goal of devops is going as fast as you can, while in security, we are taught to proceed with caution. However, both of these fields serve a higher authority — the business clients — and the businesses will only be served when/if […]

Last year, MIT computer scientists and Adobe engineers came together to try to solve a major problem that many companies face: bit-rot. A good example is Adobe’s successful Photoshop photo editor, which just celebrated its 25th birthday. Over the years Photoshop had accumulated heaps of code that had been optimized for what is now old […]

Modern application development owes much to the growth of the development operations (devops) movement and the automation tools it has delivered. Instead of just writing code, developers now need to think in terms the tools they’re using — and how they fit together in a flow from initial idea to a live application. The container is […]

Behavioral psychiatrists say that virtually all people lie. Most are little white lies to protect the feelings of others. Some lies are acts of commission — a deliberate statement of untruth — whereas others are lies of omission. In the latter case, someone tells an absolutely true fact, but leaves out a very important related […]

Following the revelations that have shown major flaws in Facebook’s privacy settings with regard to linking your mobile number, security experts are now calling for the company to get serious about protecting users. The issue relates to Facebook and one security researcher’s discovery about the impact of a person’s profile being linked with their mobile […]

Quantum computing is a novel way to build computers — one that takes advantage of the quantum properties of particles to perform operations on data in a very different way than traditional computers. In some cases, the algorithm speedups are extraordinary. Specifically, a quantum computer using something called Shor’s algorithm can efficiently factor numbers, breaking […]

Yesterdat, LinkedIn released their open source {Py}gradle plugin for running Python builds in the popular Cradle software build automation system. With {py}gradle, Python and Java shops can all use the same build system. The plugin is accessible under an Apache 2 license. LinkedIn is trying to use the open sourcing to gauge the community’s perspectives on what […]

There is a lot of cool and fancy tools that Data Scientists have at their disposal, but not all of them are equally accessible to them.