There is a lot of cool and fancy tools that Data Scientists have at their disposal, but not all of them are equally accessible to them.


Elon Musk,founder of SpaceX and Telsa Motors, started his path to being successful by just reading the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

A new method of growing special nanostructures that can dissolve organic matter in sunlight in just six minutes has been developed.

The spinal surgeons of the world are soon to welcome an new absolutely amazing spongy polymer into their armoury.

Some mechanical engineers are starting to team up with using origami with medical technology to develop the next major wave in surgical tools.

A Research Team has developed a new system that turns waste gases generated from industrial processes and garbage dumps into a liquid biofuel.

A brand new new image of a dying star thousands of light years is offering a glimpse of what our sun will look like in billions of years.