Quantum computing is a novel way to build computers — one that takes advantage of the quantum properties of particles to perform operations on data in a very different way than traditional computers. In some cases, the algorithm speedups are extraordinary. Specifically, a quantum computer using something called Shor’s algorithm can efficiently factor numbers, breaking […]

A problem was recently brought into light that team coaches are no longer able to participate in leading their team through a game at Valve-sponsored major events. The Electronic Sports League, also known as ESL, sent emails out to some of the members of the CS:GO community, one of which was Hiko, professional player for Team […]

If you are currently using Linux version 4.6 series, then the Lead Maintainer has a message for you. It’s time to upgrade. Greg Kroah-Hartman on Tuesday announced the arrival of Linux 4.6.7. This is making it clear that it will be the last in the kernel’s 4.6 series of releases. Version 4.7.1 made its debut on Tuesday, […]

Yesterdat, LinkedIn released their open source {Py}gradle plugin for running Python builds in the popular Cradle software build automation system. With {py}gradle, Python and Java shops can all use the same build system. The plugin is accessible under an Apache 2 license. LinkedIn is trying to use the open sourcing to gauge the community’s perspectives on what […]

There is a lot of cool and fancy tools that Data Scientists have at their disposal, but not all of them are equally accessible to them.

Google and Amazon offers management services as a part of their cloud, but not give access to their keys to third-party service providers.

Valve released an update for their game CS:GO that at first seemed to fix a lot of people’s problems with shooting and the accuracy of the shot they take.

IronPython is a implementation that runs on .NET Framework’s Common Language Runtim is coming back thanks to the change of hands.